Therapy for Therapists

SunsetYou spend your personal life caring for the people you love and your professional life helping others…where can you go when you need help? To make matters more complicated, you are really good at what you do. The miracle question isn’t going to cut it. You need someone as good as you are to help you with your difficulties.…is there anyone out there who even fits that bill? Or maybe you are seeking supervision, a fresh perspective on your own work from seasoned colleagues who thrive on sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

Virginia Williamson, LMFT, is a therapist who started her own private practice group, growing it up with entrepreneurial spunk and sound clinical practice. She knows the ins and outs of running a group from insurance paneling to personnel challenges. She has a head and passion for supervision with a firm grasp on systemic models. She can cut through the content straight to the heart of the process providing new and out of the box ideas for how to move therapy along when you’re all but stuck. She loves to mentor and is gentle and insightful in her feedback. These skills are also what make her an excellent therapist. She’s smart, funny and she won’t let you put anything past her. She’s a therapist for therapists.

Laura Petiford, LMFT, PMHNP, is a therapist and prescriber. She joined Virginia in business a number of years ago and together they run their group practice. Laura’s passion is for making sure those of us who are dedicated to helping others have a safe and nurturing place to receive the same. She’s a strong proponent of no excuse self-care. She draws from both a personal and professional wealth of experience to engender courage in her clients when no less than fierce bravery will do. She has a continuous thirst for knowledge in her field that propels her toward ongoing education, skills training, and credentials that are based upon deficits or gaps that she sees in client care and in the care of helping professionals. If there are components of yourself as a woman or as a therapist that are marginalized, if you feel like elements of yourself are made smaller than you’d like them to be, Laura is adept at walking the path with clients to comfortably and confidently live an authentic and integrated expression of self.

Together they wish to create the premier setting in Fairfield County for self-care and treatment for helping professionals. They seek to foster an environment where the nuanced joys and challenges of what it means to be a therapist are understood, a space where innovative ideas to stave off compassion fatigue abound and efforts to move the profession and its participants forward are organized. They are an avenue for you to receive solid discrete care for yourself and if there are any services you desire not currently offered, please be in touch here so that they can work to fill that need.