Divorce Recovery

plant growing in concrete crackDo you find yourself wondering how you got here, searching the internet for divorce recovery treatment? Are you trying desperately to make sense of the fact that despite your best efforts and intentions, despite the vision you had for yourself of happily ever after, despite the promise you made in front of God and all the people you love you just couldn’t stay married? Perhaps you struggle with feelings of guilt and shame wondering if your kids will be okay? Will you be okay? You wonder if maybe you’re just a selfish person for pulling the plug on your marriage. And yet part of you knows deep down that there is something more, that a relationship can be more than yours was. You want to find healing from your divorce.

Or possibly you were going along in life thinking everything was okay, not perfect but good enough. You did your job, took care of the kids, paid your bills, didn’t complain. This is how married life goes, right? You just didn’t see divorce coming. You’re a good person. You don’t deserve what’s happening to you. You need divorce recovery treatment.

Divorce is painful no matter the circumstances. Whether you are the one who initiates or the one responding, the feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, shame and utter bewilderment can be overwhelming at times. Statistics can be tricky to interpret but the best guess is that there is about a 40% chance a first marriage will end in divorce. Statistics for second marriages are even higher. You are in good company. And my job starts now in assuring you that there is a path to divorce recovery.

So why divorce recovery counseling?

After all, the hard part is over. The tough decision has already been made and the damage has been done. What is there to be gained? The most compelling reason is because you owe it to yourself to become whole again. There is healing from divorce.

But there’s another really good reason. Divorce is incredibly painful. And if you have to experience this much pain, doesn’t it make sense to better understand what happened that got you to this place? If you are thinking it’s all the other person, you’re only half right. You played a role. The clincher is that if you don’t do the work to understand what that role was, you’re likely going to cast yourself starring in a new play but with the same script and the same unhappy ending. Divorce recovery treatment can be your best insulation from that result.

Our work will involve a look back at your family of origin and where you came from, discovering what lessons you learned in your family about how to be a partner. We will uncover your unhealed wounds that you brought into the marriage.

And then we create a plan to heal from your divorce. What that means depends upon your own specific circumstance and experience. You will pick up the shattered pieces of yourself and put them back together, only better this time. Whether it’s talk therapy or a referral for more specialized treatment or even a medication to support you, I have the skills and knowledge to see you through this transition. Just like I’ve seen in countless clients before you. Now you know who you are and what you want in ways you didn’t understand previously. You can be better than you’ve ever been before. Divorce recovery counseling can be the bridge to a stronger healthier you and an enduring next relationship.

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