Family Counseling

Is your family in distress? Are you wondering if family counseling might help?

Do you feel like the most important relationships in your life are also the most baffling?

field of dandilionsDo you search for suggestions with communication, rule setting, or addressing the needs of a child or children who may be struggling emotionally?

Do you and your partner approach parenting differently or do your children seem to need varying styles of parenting that elude you?

Do you hope for less conflict or perhaps just more connection in a household that feels too quiet, too separate?

All families face unique challenges in today’s rapidly expanding world. Parents need to be knowledgeable and savvy about an ever growing number of developmental, educational and technological advances. So how do you find the just right fit for your family, the people who occupy the most time in your head and in your heart? How do you find the just right amount of time together, the just right set of expectations and consequences, the just right roles for everyone to have to be contributing both to the good of the family and to their own individual desires and endeavors? How do you foster just right family dynamics? All families, in every type of family, grapple with these questions to some degree. Some families just seem to move through it with fewer bumps in the road than others. If you are thinking about these things, you are in good company and it’s an indication that your family is deeply meaningful to you. We spend quite a bit of time thinking about what is just right in family counseling as well. Licensed marriage and family therapists study what makes families and providing family therapy different from understanding and providing therapy to an individual. This makes us a just right fit for helping your family weather the storms that you may be up against today.

What can your family expect from family counseling with us? You will each have a voice in what works and does not work well in your family. As family therapists we are skilled in helping those voices who tend to be louder make room for others’ voices who have a more difficult time being heard. You can expect that we will be gentle and honor that you are bringing us the tender spots in your family and that we will be firm when we see that you are stuck in problematic exchanges. Through the family counseling process, we will help you to develop a structure for your family that takes into account each member’s needs but also allows the household to run cohesively. You can expect that we will highlight what your strengths are as a family and how to build upon what you are already bringing to the table as well as offer new strategies to old problems. You can be confident that we have both professional and personal experience in working with a wide range of family types and the hidden land mines that exist for your unique family makeup.

How will we all get there and is it REALLY worth the time and the effort?

We recognize that between dual earning parents, single parent households, academic demands, extracurricular activities, responsibilities to extended family, religious/spiritual pursuits, and the need to eat, sleep and get the laundry done, there are plenty of reasons to put off family counseling. On the other hand wouldn’t it be nice to shut the door on all of that for an hour and be present with one another. My, how you must have so much to say. If you consider how much time and energy is spent on the problem(s), isn’t it a worthwhile investment to turn your focus elsewhere if that may free up space going forward where the problem once took up residence? We offer flexible scheduling with evening and some weekend appointments available. We can tailor the frequency of appointments to take into account how to provide the best quality care to your family whether it’s once a week or once a month. We also strive to help families get in, get what they need and get on their way while always being available for future check-ins and re-engaging in family therapy for a time if need be. Please contact us to begin our work together to find the just right family dynamics that you’ve been searching for.

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