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3 Ways to know if it’s time to consider psychiatric medication

It’s interesting.  Since I have completed my training as a nurse practitioner with a specialty in psychiatry enabling me to prescribe medication, I’ve become less inclined to see medication as a first grab solution.  In some respects, this isn’t surprising based upon my background as a marriage and family therapist. MFT as a field is [...]

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Media misconceptions from a Fairfield therapist

Gypsy I always finds it interesting to observe how psychotherapy and psychotherapists are portrayed in the media. I suppose there must be some examples in which fictional therapists are shown in a positive light or at the very least in a realistic fashion. What stands out in my mind of course is the other version, [...]

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ADHD- What Does It Mean

ADHD defined Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that impacts an individual’s ability to sustain attention that could also result in hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. Individuals with ADHD may present with symptoms of both inattentiveness and hyperactivity, or show primarily symptoms of inattention or primarily symptoms of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. Prevalence of [...]

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3 Signs of Depression Sometimes Overlooked

Ambivalence, difficulty making decisions Read more about depression treatment here. Whether it's what to eat for lunch or if you should go to see that band with friends to whether or not you should end your relationship or look for another job, indecision can become a symptom of depression that keeps us anywhere from feeling [...]

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Four Keys To Understanding Learning Disabilities

#1) People with Learning Disabilities are smart. Their difficulties are not due to low intelligence or unwillingness to learn. Read more about receiving help with learning disabilities here. Learning Disability or LD is the term that describes a category of specific disorders that impact functioning in school, on the job, or in life in general. [...]

Family togetherness or together-mess

A family is group of people that are all regulating their needs for closeness and distance simultaneously and continuously each and every day. What a overwhelming job that is, whether you are a family of three or a family of ten! Just imagine if everyday life was like preparing a meal for a vegetarian, a [...]

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Conscious Coupledom

Why do we find time to formulate and articulate complaints about our intimate relationships yet struggle to find the time to make even small modifications that might improve how we feel being in them? You may think I was getting ready to criticize the need for "complaining." There's a cause for our drive to speak [...]

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Opening Pandora’s box

Divorce is one of those experiences that can test the very mettle of an individual.  By its very nature, to divorce is an exercise in the limits and expansiveness of individual power and control. While marriage is based upon mutual agreement, divorce only requires one person wanting out.  Whether you are the initiator, the responder [...]

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