Collaborative Counseling Group is a multi-disciplinary team of therapists with varying educational degrees, licensure, and areas of expertise. Led by managing partners Virginia Williamson, LMFT, and Laura Petiford, PMHNP, LMFT, together they provide specialized treatment including family therapy, couples therapy, substance abuse treatment, EMDR, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Mindfulness Based Therapy, psychological testing and medication management.

Virginia and Laura have developed expertise in working with couples, whether it be to strengthen or repair a relationship or explore a relationship’s viability. They also have extensive experience in helping couples and families navigate the divorce transition, practically and emotionally. Laura and Virginia have a particular passion for working with fellow therapists and others engaged in the helping professions. Together they work to fill the much needed niche of providing care and supervision for those who dedicate their lives to the care of others.


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Have you been wondering whether or not you need anxiety treatment? Is your energy sapped from the marathon of thoughts that have been racing through your mind? Do you spend an inordinate amount of time feeling either worried or guilty?

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Have you lost the joy and enthusiasm for life that you used to have? Have you gone from hitting the ground running each morning to barely being able to drag yourself out of bed? Does it feel like every little thing requires monumental effort?

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Do you find yourself wondering how you got here, searching the internet for divorce recovery treatment? Will you and your kids be OK? Yet part of you knows deep down that there is something more, that a relationship can be more than yours was.

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Are you concerned that you or your child may suffer from an undiagnosed psychological condition? Our testing will help you understand your own personal challenges, how to best optimize functioning, and determine how a particular condition can affect you or your child.

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All families face unique challenges in today’s rapidly changing world. Parents need to be knowledgeable about an ever growing number of developmental, educational, and technological advances. So how do you find the just right fit for your family?

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Have you been contemplating couples counseling? Do you find yourself thinking “if only I could reach him or her”? Do you find yourself hopeful that this conversation is going to go more smoothly only to find contempt and defensiveness running the show?

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Are you white knuckling your way through, trying to keep your life on track while dealing with symptoms of depression and anxiety on your own? Are you looking for someone who will actually listen to you and understand your symptoms before handing you a pill to take?

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“My relationship with Collaborative Counseling has been the catalyst for much personal growth and development over the recent years. This practice has introduced me to the importance of wellness, in all of its forms, in a peaceful and meaningful way. What started as a pointed journey to calm in one particular situation, grew into a methodology of daily practice. I couldn’t speak more highly of this group and recommend this practice to all.”
-CCG client