Online Therapy

Now as never before we are being challenged in ways many of us could not have imagined a few months ago. Life has been irrevocably changed by the arrival of Covid-19, a virus whose global impact is unfolding at this very moment. How can we continue to move forward with our lives maintaining a semblance of normalcy with all this uncertainty?

Even before this most recent crisis, a growing number of practices have added online therapy, also known as telehealth, to the catalog of services they offer. While research on the effectiveness of online therapy is still relatively scant, some studies indicate that the approach does show promise. The mental health community is divided on the subject, and many traditional therapists argue that there is no substitute for the personal contact face-to-face therapy provides. On the other hand, many traditional therapists are expanding their own practices to include online sessions. The most recent world events have decidedly skewed in favor of telehealth services. Just today Connecticut Medicaid has joined the ranks of commercial insurances to offer reimbursement for these services indicating their value and necessity at this juncture in time.

Finding the most effective care online

If you are interested in exploring online therapy, the question becomes, how do you choose the best online therapist? The most important consideration is to find a therapist with the proper credentials. Be sure the therapist you choose has the education, training, and experience necessary to provide you with effective counseling. Many firms that purport to practice online therapy employ people whose training qualifies them to be little more than chat buddies. Before you choose an online therapist, be sure to research his or her qualifications.

What if I take medication?

Online therapy providers employ many different kinds of practitioners. But not all have medical doctors or nurse practitioners who are licensed to prescribe medication on staff. In addition, some medications cannot be legally prescribed online at all. If you are currently taking an ADHD or anxiety medication, chances are it falls into the category of drugs that can only be prescribed by visiting a prescriber in person. You’ll need to maintain a relationship with your medication prescriber if you decide to try online therapy.

What’s the bottom line?

Successful therapy and good mental health are rooted in relationships. Our world has been set on end with school closures, quarantines and health advisories promoting distance. There is no need to suffer alone. If you would benefit from talking with someone, Collaborative Counseling Group offers therapy and medication management through HIPAA compliant services on your smart phone, tablet or computer. You need only have a strong wifi connection. These are challenging times. If telehealth services can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.