Take Your Therapy Online

Online Therapy Now as never before we are being challenged in ways many of us could not have imagined a few months ago. Life has been irrevocably changed by the arrival of Covid-19, a virus whose global impact is unfolding at this very moment. How can we continue to move forward with our lives maintaining [...]

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3 Ways to know if it’s time to consider psychiatric medication

By Laura Petiford PMHNP, LMFT It’s interesting.  Since I have completed my training as a nurse practitioner with a specialty in psychiatry enabling me to prescribe medication, I’ve become less inclined to see medication as a first grab solution.  In some respects, this isn’t surprising based upon my background as a marriage and family therapist. [...]

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Life’s a glitch

By Laura Petiford PMHNP, LMFT Glitches. Life is full of them. Who hasn’t had the experience of a well thought out plan being disrupted by, well, life. It’s the child with a fever and sore throat the morning of an important presentation at work. It’s the traffic pile up on I95 when you are already [...]

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Media misconceptions from a Fairfield therapist

Gypsy I always finds it interesting to observe how psychotherapy and psychotherapists are portrayed in the media. I suppose there must be some examples in which fictional therapists are shown in a positive light or at the very least in a realistic fashion. What stands out in my mind of course is the other version, [...]

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ADHD- What Does It Mean

ADHD defined Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that impacts an individual’s ability to sustain attention that could also result in hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. Individuals with ADHD may present with symptoms of both inattentiveness and hyperactivity, or show primarily symptoms of inattention or primarily symptoms of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. Prevalence of [...]

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